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About Us

Megaline Sourcing is a young company when it comes to‘Years of Operation’ but we are not limited in our vision and we are eager to excel and accelerate. It’s a diverse company with creative & visionary team of people passionate about customer satisfaction. We invest ourselves entirely in our client’s success, creating strong collaborative relationships that deliver extraordinary value year after year.

MegaLine Sourcing has been in business since 2001 and was primarily involved in the Sourcing and Supply of Medical & Allied equipment, Relief & Emergency goods, Commercial/Industrial & construction supplies. After years of experience Megaline transformed from a traditional supply company to a dynamic Procurement Outsourcing Company which gained reputation and success over a short period of time, since its inception, is entirely because of a dedicated and motivated team of professionals and an ever-increasing network of Partners and Associates.

In early 2012 Megaline Sourcing partnered with some of the most sophisticated producers of Radiopharmaceutical/Radioisotopes, PET Tracers, Nuclear Medicine Equipment, Complementary Cancer treatment equipment, High-end laboratory equipment and diagnostic kits, UBT for H-Pylori detection and got exclusive rights for the sale/marketing of their products in Pakistan and after a short period of time extended its services for commissioning and operations/maintenance of Cyclotron, PET/CT and MRI.


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Medical Supplies

Operations & Maintenance of Cyclotron, Chemistry Module, PET/CT & MRI


Nuclear Medicine & Radio Pharmaceutical
H.Pylori detection
PET/CT & Laboratory Equipment




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